Yealink Meeting V41Updates: New Webinar, New Engagement
Zo 2021-11-22T08:32:38.471Z
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Welcome to our brand-new Webinar

Technology brings people together, better and closer, to hear and play with each other, to explore a world that used to be far but now by your side virtually, to tell a story started by a few people but finally stay in every heart, to build an idea then make it come true.

And that’s how Yealink Meeting will impress people this time. It comes with a brand new Webinar feature, and together with optimization in SDK, local record, customized layout, and audio noise cancellation.

Create your memorable experience, now!



  • 1. The webinar is newly upgraded, supporting attendee registration and post-webinar surveys to help promote the enterprise brand.
  • 2. Support Question & Answer, allowing the audience to ask questions and the host to answer questions during a webinar, improving the webinar communication efficiency.
  • 3. Allow the host to launch votes and other participants to vote, helping the host understand the audience's opinions in real-time, adjust the webinar content to cater to the audience's interest, and effectively track the audience's attention.                                                                                                                   

Gallery view

  • 1. Support thumbnail displays of up to 49 (7*7) participants, in a grid pattern.                                                                                                            

Calls and meeting

  • 1. Support local recording in a meeting (only available to Yealink Meeting desktop client for Windows), making the meeting recording more convenient.
  • 2. Support sharing the computer sound when screen sharing using Yealink Meeting desktop client for macOS.
  • 3. Allow participants to save the chat history, protecting the important meeting information from loss.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Experience optimization

  • 1. Support enabling the feature of hiding non-video participants in a meeting to optimize the participation experience.
  • 2. Add friendly prompts when muted participants are speaking, preventing the speaking from not listening by other participants.                                

Stay tuned to see what we have in store for the future, and we hope you enjoy the coming soon vacation and happy time.