Yealink Meeting V42Updates: More Immersive Meeting, More Motivated Team
Mulii 2022-02-27T09:39:11.832Z
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With full of love and hope for the coming spring, we’re here with the latest capabilities of the Yealink Meeting. Innovations to cheer up everyone’s in-meeting experience through more interactive features and convenient settings have been made.

To learn about all the features, please continue to finish the bellowing article.


1. Video codec 1080P: 1080P video codec is supported in the conference, providing a higher-definition video conference experience.


2. Background replacement: support to select a picture as the background of the video screen, and only the portrait will be displayed on the screen to protect personal privacy in the meeting.


3. Chat barrage: Supports receiving and sending group chat messages through the barrage, integrating chat messages and video images to improve meeting immersion


4. Chatting Emoji: Emoji such as applause, fist, like, handshake, OK, victory, flowers, celebration, etc., is available to use in the chatting with enhanced interactivity.


5. Reactions: Sending icons to indicate in the meeting and showing them to other members are available now. Users enable to provide meeting feedback without turning on the microphone, which meets the user's meeting interaction needs on the basis of ensuring the continuity of the meeting.


6. Post-meeting viewing of meeting files: It will be available to view the recording files, collaboration files, chat files, voting files, and smart minutes’ files of each meeting in the membership history, helping all attendees to better review and summarize.


7. Always display participant names on their video: In the meeting, after the mouse is out of focus for 3 seconds, the participant name in the video screen can be hidden to improve the immersion of the meeting.


8. Always show meeting toolbar: In the meeting, after the mouse is out of focus for 3 seconds, the bottom control bar is hidden, so that members can focus more on the video screen.


Wish you a blossom warming spring day and we’ll see you soon in summer with great surprise.