Evosys Laser GmbH  

Customer Story

“We appreciate the ability to easily stay in touch with our clients and supporters, as well as with our subsidiaries in China and USA. So far our Yealink devices are working as expected, everything is fine. Also we are very happy that Yealink provides us direct and timely support as manufacturer of the system hardware and software even during the pandemic.”

--- Thomas Kneidl

Manager QM/OR, Evosys Laser GmbH


Show the products as in real life and fuels the business just on line.


About Evosys Laser GmbH

The Evosys Laser GmbH, located in Erlangen, is a promising and innovative manufacture of machines for laser welding service in German. Basing decades of experience and latest technology in laser material processing, the company has already runs hundreds of relevant projects all over the world with its products and services.


Recently, the company wins the 27th of Top-Innovator in Deutscher mittelstands Summit, which is a highly praise to its innovation in technology.



-The COVID-19 pandemic makes it hard to visit the clients, display and sell the products.

-With clients all over the world, the company has huge demand in quality communication for both inside and outside meetings.

-With clients using different video conferencing platforms and devices, it’s difficult to unify and time-wasting for switching.



-Ultra clear quality of video and audio to perfectly show the laser plastic welding products

-Stable connection and signal in different regions and network conditions.

-Easily to connect to the 3rd party platform and devices



Comprehensive solution for easy and reliable video conferencing: Yealink Meeting 10 hosts+ Yealink VC500 + Yealink Accessories: Microphone,WPP20


-Equipped with VC500, Yealink Meeting perfectly displays the laser plastic welding products, especially the Laser reflector, which brings vivid and direct feelings to clients without missing a detail as in real life and accelerates the business.

-Basing worldwide coverage of multi-region and multi-center architecture, Yealink Meeting guarantees a high-quality cross-regional video conferencing experience.

-Free and easy connection to Teams and other platforms or devices make it convenient and quick to contact with clients using different software anytime through PC, mobile and various ways, which is time-saving, flexible and efficient.

-Yealink provides timely response and professional service for clients, including answering questions or demands within 24 hours.

-Yealink Meeting and relevant devices are easy to use. Without need for extra training, all the employees can use by themselves.