Yealink CP700
Yealink CP700

Yealink CP700

Medium Level Portable Speakerphone
Ideal for on-the-go and meetings of up to 4 people

High quality sound

HD audio offers a clear and natural sound. The omnidirectional 

microphone and full-duplex allows meeting participants to be 

heard and involved in the meeting.

Portable design

Mobile with the elegant and lightweight design (220g), the CP700 is 

ideal for on-the-go business professionals with the protective pouch.

Intelligent connectivity

Connect up to 3 devices simultaneously, choosing which device to play 

is easy as a snap. With Bluetooth and USB connection, merge two of 

the calls from the connected devices into one meeting, making cross-

platform meeting calls possible.

Intuitive user interface

Multiple buttons with LED indicators provide users with easy-to

-understand guidance. Deep integrated with Microsoft Teams with a 

dedicated Teams button, making it even easier to achieve Teams 


Personal Devices


Premium Level Portable Speakerphone
(Up to 6 people)

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Desktop 4K Webcam
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