Yealink Meeting for Education

Connect students, faculty and staff for better learning, collaboration, and administration


Unleash Virtual Education Creativity by Intuitive Video Experience

With Yealink Meeting video conferencing solution, educational institutions can access a wider pool of students and distribute their teaching staff across multiple campuses as well as online. Circulating administrative updates, holding an interactive parent-teacher meeting, and conducting training sessions for teaching and non-teaching staff without requiring the physical presence of the attendees, are some added advantages of the video conferencing solutions for the education industry.

MeetingEye 600 + CTP20 + UVC30 + Yealink Meeting

For distant learning, virtual classroom, online class, etc.

-Powered by 4K bi-camera, 133°FOV, and the 8 MEMS microphone arrays, the whole classroom can be covered by MeetingEye 600, ensuring online students fully present in an ongoing class.

-Available for whiteboard annotation, one-click content sharing, and in-meeting interaction, Yealink Meeting delivers intuitive interactions for class.

-Rich management features like meeting setting, automatic recording is helpful for teachers. 

VC800 Solution + Yealink Meeting Solution

For teaching training, seminar, lectures, plenary meeting, etc.

-Large-scale HD video live streaming: With the multi-camera solutions, campuses or institutions are in full flexibility to conduct intensive training or educational exchanges.

-Premium video experience: External speakers and 12x times optical zooming deliver a clearer and more efficient discussion or communication.

-Automatic record for better sharing: Convenient meeting recording enables all the staff to review and conclude. 

UVC84 + Yealink Meeting

For administrative meetings, parent-teacher conferences, general meetings, etc.

-UVC84 delivers 4K video output with excellent sharpness and smoothness, accurately reproducing every detail, color and awarding a vivid video experience.

-All staff, parents, or other outside participants can use desktop software and mobile APP to quickly access the meeting.

How Yealink Meeting ensures intuitive & secured learning

Reach More and Learn More

Instantly extend the boundaries classroom with an immersive and interactive video conferencing experience that ensures faculty and students stay in sync, even if they aren’t in the same physical space.

Interact Intuitively and Make Progress

Arm students with an always-on collaboration experience that enables them to easily revisit online coursework and easy content sharing or real-time annotation of group projects and prepare for tests.

Better Campus & Admin Communications

Easy and meeting-joining delivers better manage administrative and management communications across dispersed campuses or school district office locations while securing all data and information.

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