Yealink Meeting for Finance

Speed up the business with high information confidentiality and customer reliability.


Securely connect and reduce turnaround time for finance service

Yealink Meeting Cloud + Terminal Video Conferencing Solution sharpens competitive edge by connecting anyone and reducing turnaround times for financial services including bank, investment management, and insurance. Whether you’re using a conference room, laptop, or mobile device, Yealink Meeting enables you to meet anywhere and instantly screen share spreadsheets, presentations, and videos.

VC800 Solution + Yealink Meeting

For plenary training, live seminars, policy communication

-The solution supports premium clarity, facilitating large-scale & multi-point training with a perfect display of complex business data and model sharing.

-Multiple installation methods and one network cable needed for connection make M800 easy to deploy and well reduce the deployment cost.

-One-click joining from any devices and automatic record, Yealink Meeting is convenient for the employees in business travel.

UVC20 + CP900 + Yealink Meeting

For Remote business processing, VIP service, business development

-UVC20's full HD premium video and CP900's noise-canceling audio make it feel like "face to face" exclusive VIP services.

-UVC20 and CP900 are plug-and-play and easy to use from the office to on the go or work from home, delivering constant communication with clients even under some emergencies.

-Industry-leading information protection and easy meeting-joining of Yealink Meeting provide more reliable and convenient experience.

MeetingEye 600 + CTP20 + Yealink Meeting

For consultant meeting, daily meeting, team report, roadshow, investor meeting

-MeetingEye 600 delivers a 4K UHD video experience for smooth communication with consultants or clients.

-AI framing and voice tracking of MeetingEye 600 allow everyone to more focus on the meeting without any manual operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

-All clients can use desktop software and mobile APP to quickly access the meeting and carry out remote consultation anytime and anytime.

How Yealink Meeting ensures efficient & secure finance service

Quickly Respond and Seize Opportunities

As the market changes rapidly, video creates a constant connection between customers and institutions, enabling them to share the latest information in real-time and make better and faster decisions about market changes.

Reduce Cost and Grow Business

Delivering real-time and true-to-life communication for global clients, Yealink Meeting well reduces the cost for travel or business promotion. Moreover, Yealink Meeting is designed to be flexible and scale as needed. Quickly and easily expand the capacity of your deployment to accommodate large, global meetings or a higher than a usual number of simultaneous smaller meetings.

Secure All and Better Service

Bank-grade security protection of Yealink Meeting absolutely protects customer and corporate data against security and compliance breaches and gives customers the highest standard of data protection.

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