Video Collaboration the Next New Normal for Modern Enterprises
Hank 2021-05-21T08:43:18.773Z
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The COVID-19 global epidemic has dramatically changed the way people work, video conferencing as telecommuting are becoming increasingly normalized and video conferencing is increasingly used in everyday work and learning. Also, the hybrid workplace delivers lasting value to the enterprise, with collaboration allowing companies to compete globally through increased agility, innovation and productivity.

Hence, it is important to establish and maintain efficient collaboration in a complex global work environment, especially in remote offices, with an emphasis on collaboration across the workflow, reverting to collaboration in real office scenarios, not just in meetings.


1. Collaboration across workflows, not just in meetings

Flexibility to adapt to changes in the work environment enables teams achieve continuous and uninterrupted teamwork wherever they are, from the integration of daily meetings workflow to start collaboration.

Team members often use whiteboards to discuss issues and brainstorm in daily meetings, so how to enable them to communicate efficiently using simple and convenient tools should be a core focus. For example, using electronic tablets instead of blackboards in meeting rooms for whiteboard drawing and problem discussion, and team members will be able to freely modify, annotate, and even save the problems discussed on the whiteboard for subsequent viewing and use, which will bring more possibilities for efficient team communication.

Moreover, whiteboard discussions and annotations through a variety of devices do encourage everyone to actively participate in meetings and integrate into team thinking, enabling team collaboration while also colliding with inspiration and inspiring unlimited creativity during discussions.

There is also a turn about document commonly used by team members in discussion. Whether team members bring their own electronic devices or not, they can easily and quickly realize the live display and annotation of document materials, and it is convenient to keep and view the backup for the modified document materials, saving valuable time for team cooperation and achieving the effect of efficient sharing.


2、More powerful meeting room solutions

According to the latest survey of DISCIEN, better collaboration is continuously pursued by enterprises and cloud video conferencing as a low-cost solution is bound to grow rapidly. Meanwhile the conference tablet as a highly integrated collaboration hardware product, is bound to complement and grow together with cloud video conferencing."

COVID-19 has presented us with new challenges in the past year, and innovative solutions can effectively meet the current and future team challenges. So video collaboration will not only be limited to the functional level of satisfaction, but also in convenience and user-friendliness.

There is no doubt that the next new normal for modern business world is to link digital office world to provide enterprises with efficient and practical digital solutions.


3, More convenient multi-party collaboration with "audio and video + collaboration"

Interactive collaboration experience can effectively improve the efficiency of remote office, bringing more team members a sense of participation and enhancing team productivity.


Imagine you are having a meeting and need team members to work together to complete the discussion. In the meeting you can easily open a whiteboard for interactive discussion, then text and brush. If you also want to draw a complete flow chart, in order to explain more clearly you want to draw a mind map for the team members to quickly explain, more applications will support you to quickly complete the operation. The open ecology and interconnection will be the future development trend and bring more opportunities for the future collaboration ecology.