Yealink Meeting Updates - Every Difference Makes A Difference
Will 2021-06-14T09:14:50.159Z
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Premium video experience sparks every moment of meeting.


It bridges "better me" to "better us" with a relentless pursuit of every perfect detail about meeting. From an individual to a team, and even to an industry, excellent video always makes online meetings more than true-life meetings, not just about the clarity, but the productivity and creativity.



And that's what Yealink Meeting comes for this time. Here are the latest features that better connect the team, fuel the teamwork and contribute to every team success.


More Efficient | Customized for variant industries needs



· Optimized Meeting ID Rules with easier and shorter numbers without * will be supported. Moreover, direct extension numbers will be available for enterprise inside calling instead of complete numbers through dial pad P2P calls.


· Custom Layout


21 Custom Layouts, including mono-presenter, multi-presenters, and gallery mode, are tailored for richer industrial scenarios with different meeting roles or needs.


· Annotation & Renaming

Annotation and renaming of participants and relevant permission management is now open for the host, which contributes to more industrial scenario customization and also greatly guarantees the meeting order. 


· Real-time Invitation


Real-time Invitation to enterprise contacts or terminals is available when initiate an instant meeting, bringing quicker and easier meeting joining.


· Clarity Optimized

The new architecture of the core forwarding element and compatible access gate, together with SVC subscription of adjustable definition, well improve the audio and video experience.

More Personalized | Enjoy every meeting in the way you like


· Brand-new UI Experience

The new simplified in-meeting UI is tailored for an easier and faster meeting style. The full-screen meeting is available with attendees list and chat window in sidebar form or free pop-up, bringing a more immersive and free meeting experience.


· Free Layout

The free layout is now available for participants to choose whoever and whatever want to watch specifically through an easy click.


·  Noise Suppression

Smart noise suppression, including four levels (default noise-canceling, low for light noise, medium for CPU or pen writing noise, and high for keyboard lockout or barking), can detect and filter the noise automatically, ensuring a frictionless audio experience even in some noisy spaces.


More Native | Complete features for third-party terminals joining


· Upgraded IVVR

Meeting joining from SIP/H.323 terminal will be welcomed into the IVVR lobby with visual guidance, with new text indicators and voice prompts, delivering a more native and smooth experience.


·  DTMF Meeting Control

Richer DTMF meeting control features are now available for attendees from SIP/H.323 terminals, including layout switch, mute termination, language switch, setting of mic & camera, hands-up to speak and attendees list, etc. For the host, more management features, like open/close the recording, mute-all, lock/unlock the meeting, automatic mute, etc., will be provided.


More Secure | Reinforce meeting security with multi-layer setting


· Content Sharing Watermark

Watermark now can be set for a more secure screen sharing to prevent the illegal use of meeting information.


·  Participants provide consent to be unmuted

Participants can provide consent to be unmuted by the host to prevent disturbing or interruption caused by unmuting without confirming of users.

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