The Born of the First Virtual Court in Brazil with 100% Coverage

Tribunal de Justiça do Estado do Tocantins (TJTO), as the local court of Tocantins, is made up of 12 judges, with nine from the Judiciary, two from the Public Ministry and one from the Advocacy.

This time, 
Yealink solution supports the born of the first virtual court with 100% coverage in Brazil. delivering immeasurable benefits for those in jurisdiction especially under the pandemic. 


Yealink total solution is now frequently used to support daily work of TJTO 



· Highly Security Required for public department with a mass of sensitive information.
· Existing Solutions are hard to combine into one solution for various scenarios.
· Unstable Video Communication under poor network or instruction conditions.

· Barely Industry Tailored solution for justice in market 



Yealink Hybrid Solution for Full-scenario Use 




Perfectly Industry Tailored Solution for Public Justice
Custom Layout for Immersive Public Hearing
Custom layout allows to place users always in the same place, such a resource will be used for public hearings, where the Judges always participate, lawyers, criminal and witness, ensuring every hearing orderly. 

Government Grade Security for Highly Confidentiality
On-premise Platform YMS cluster and privately deployed MCUs & recorders ensure all the meeting data, user data, recording files be saved locally and auto backup every day.

GDPR certificated protection of Yealink Meeting well safeguards all vital information with strict AES-256 video & audio encryption, TLS signal protocol and rich meeting controls.

Video Blur for Witness Protection
Optional video blur of intelligent endpoints well protects witness during the meeting through terminals in public hearing. 


Security Camera Integration for Specific Need
Security cameras of prison or hearing room are allowed to be integrated by RTSP protocol, which satisfies the special meeting during the public hearing.  

Free System Customization for Professional Impression
Free System Customization delivers more professional impression for clients, like the name of system for TJTO solution: Sistema de Videoconferência e Audiências do Tocantins(SIVAT).  
Yealink Meeting Case Study - TJTO - Court En