Yealink Meeting for Law Services

Keep efficient communication with clients and increase productivity in the post-COVID-19 era.


Power the Professional Worktime

Yealink Meeting cloud + terminal video communications solution is easy to deploy and secure to use. Basing on the premium video experience, the legal offices are able to offer global clients high-quality and reliable service.

UVC20 + CP900 + Yealink Meeting

For attorney office, legal secretaries, work from home

-UVC20 and CP900 are plug-and-play and easy to use or take from the office to on the go or work from home, enabling the lawyers to communicate with clients or teams anything and anywhere.

-Adjustable camera angle of UVC20 allows the lawyer to always stay in the best display with better service.

-Noise-cancelling of CP900 delivers frictionless voice pick-up and ensures clear information expression during the conversation with clients.

MeetingEye400 + WPP20 + Yealink Meeting

10m² | 2-6 people
For temporary meeting room, interview, lobby room, etc.

-All-in-one design of MeetingEye400 for both video and audio brings easy deployment with minimum 3 cables, suitable for modern and simplified workstyle impression of law firms.

-Under USB Easy Mode, MeetingEye 400 can be used as a USB device, which is convenient for external clients to start or join a meeting of any platform temporarily.

MeetingEye 600 + CTP20 + Yealink Meeting

30m² | 8-10 people
For general use of daily meeting

-4K clarity & bi-camera of MeetingEye 600 deliver smooth video for both meetings with teams or clients, ensuring premium service experience anytime.

-AI framing and voice tracking of MeetingEye 600 allow all team members to more focus on the meeting without any manual operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

VC800 Solution + Yealink Meeting

50m²+ | 12+ People
For plenary meetings, training, propaganda, etc.

-Multi-camera solution tailored for large-scale and multi-parties makes sure perfect and complete display for the whole staff during a legal training, plenary meeting, or propaganda.

-Smart noise-proof technology, well eliminating the non-voice interference during the meeting, delivers a clear audio experience for everyone.

How Yealink Meeting Ensure Efficient & Secure Work


Upgrade Customer Experiences

By offering industry-leading face-to-face video meetings, support, and services, the legal firm can perfectly meet the increasing demand of consumer digitization and globalization, and build customer trust, loyalty, and satisfaction.

Fuel Your Business

From travel cost reduction to engagement building with more clients, what quality video solution brings for legal service is higher efficiency, better collaborations, and more opportunities.

Secure All Information

Yealink Meeting promises to guard the information and privacy for both legal firms and relevant clients with GDRP certificated protection, end-to-end encryption, and comprehensive settings.

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