"In Innovaway, Yealink Meeting is used in every day's work for daily meetings, work from home, training sessions, remote Interview, etc."  


About The Innovaway
Innovaway is a famous listed ICT company in Italy, which focus on information technology and services for decades, including IT Service Management, Software, Hosting Facility Management, Help Desk, Business Process Outsourcing, Customer Service, ICT, Service Field, Digital Workplace Management.  


· Keeping all the offices and employees stay connected remotely is essential for Innovaway by adapting Smart Working.
· With huge communication demand covering numerous staff, branches, and global clients, Innovaway needs to ensure efficient collaboration and stable clarity of the meeting.
· The existing VC system of Innovaway is too complicated to use.  


· Multi-points video conferencing solution for connecting all the branches;
· Ensuring stable video quality even under poor net environment;
· Compatible with mainstream VC platforms and terminnals;
· Easy to use for all staff or clients with rich collaboration features for daily working;
· Easy to deploy without the need for too much IT operations, maintenance, or training.

Yealink Meeting provides cloud + terminal VC solution for innovaway, including: YealinkMeeting, MeetingEye400/600, CTP20, VCH51

· Basing on stable connections of global coverage, Yealink Meeting is available for multi-points meeting at the same time even in poor network, satisfying communication and connection of sevral offices and numerous employees.
· Excellent content sharing and screen projection experience of Yealink Meeting and CTP20 deliver efficient collaboration for daily meeting.
· One-click meeting joining from any device, room terminal and VC platform makes Yealink Meeting easy to use for both the staff and clients.  


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