Yealink Meeting for Enterprises

Build stronger relationships, reach more customers, and hire the best talent, anywhere.


Carrier-grade video conferencing for the world's top companies

Yealink Meeting enterprise video conferencing solution offers an intelligent, high-fidelity meeting experience that enables attendees to focus on solving their most pressing challenges, not wasting time getting their meeting technology to work.

UVC30 + CP900 + Yealink Meeting

For chief office, work from home, on the go, etc.

-UVC30's 4K premium video and CP900's noise-canceling audio make it feel like "face to face" communication.

-UVC30 and CP900 are plug-and-play and easy to use from the office to on the go or work from home, delivering constant communication with clients even under some emergencies.

-Industry-leading information protection and easy meeting-joining of Yealink Meeting provide more reliable and convenient experience.

MeetingEye 600 + WPP20 + Yealink Meeting

For daily meeting, brainstorm, team report, remote interview, etc.

-MeetingEye 600 delivers a 4K UHD video experience for smooth communication with remote teams or clients.

-AI framing and voice tracking of MeetingEye 600 allow everyone to more focus on the meeting without any manual operations.

-Easy content sharing and real-time co-annotation make it more collaborative and productive.

-All clients can use desktop software and mobile APP to quickly access the meeting anytime and anywhere.

VC800 Solution + Yealink Meeting

For plenary meetings, training, annual conference, propaganda, etc.

-Multi-camera solution tailored for large-scale and multi-parties makes sure perfect and complete display for the whole staff during a legal training, plenary meeting, or propaganda.

-Smart noise-proof technology, well eliminating the non-voice interference during the meeting, delivers a clear audio experience for everyone.

How Yealink Meeting keep teams connected & business continue

Reduce Expenses and Expand Talent Pool

Cut back on travel costs by bringing everyone together, virtually, with a collaboration platform that makes you feel like you’re in the room with global teams and branches. Find the best talent, conduct virtual interviews and hire remote employees with collaboration tools that keep everyone connected.

Reach Clients and Build Relationships

By offering industry-leading face-to-face video meetings, support, and services, the enterprises can perfectly meet the increasing demand of consumer digitization and globalization, and build customer trust, loyalty, and satisfaction.

Information Secure and Business Secure

Secure video conferencing with Firewall/NAT traversal and encrypted meetings give businesses privacy and peace of mind, safeguarding both the confidentiality and the business core.

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