After the Covid-19, the businesses and entire industries have had to reinvent how they work—and crucially, how they connect to customers, which has meant adapting to a more virtual workday, with digital tools and video conferencing.


As for financial institutions, after all, online and mobile services are hardly new technologies. However, the customers need assurance that their finances and the details of their identity are in safe hands, both of which have historically been dependent on in-person interactions. Moreover, they’re expecting to enjoy a true-to-life service even just online.


Financial professionals, on the other hand, need a way to maintain customer relationships, continue to provide services as normal, and maintain internally business operations while complying with pandemic regulations.


As cloud video conferencing has been widely recognized and applied by enterprise customers today, the financial industry is gradually turning the cloud + terminal video conferencing system. The advantages of cloud video conferencing can be applied in the financial industry as follows:


(1) Good compatibility and low expansion cost. Financial institutions have a wide distribution area of the branch, even scattered in various cities around the world, the communication by the agencies use different terminals, territorial restrictions, jet lag, using cloud video conferencing system can realize the convenient and timely communication between the various departments, also because cloud video conference system be compatible with all kinds of terminal, and the expansion of low cost, using computer or mobile phone can also join, greatly enhance communication efficiency can help financial institutions.

(2) Cloud video conferencing has great advantages in internal training scenarios. Financial institutions, especially securities firms, have higher requirements on the professional quality of their employees, and the internal training cycle is generally longer and more personnel participate in the training. Making full use of cloud video conferencing system to achieve a wide range of face-to-face teaching and training can help financial institutions save travel costs and training costs.

(3) As securities business is characterized by ever-changing securities information, a large amount of information needs to be collected and updated in time, and all kinds of information need to be discussed and discussed in time. Remote data collaboration can be achieved by using a video conference system.



In addition, cloud video conference system in such aspects as economic, convenient, applicable, security has made a significant breakthrough, a meeting can support thousands of people are online at the same time, and can support multiple meetings at the same time, securities companies can fully ensure the contact and communication between the branch network, make relevant personnel for all kinds of information timely discussions, negotiations, and a wide range of teaching and training new employees across the ground.